WIMA NFC / Proximity Pre-conference

The WIMA NFC / Proximity Solutions Conference is being held in San Francisco from October 28 to 30. This is the third WIMA conference in the USA. Last year, WIMA focused on NFC (Near Field Communication) technology and this year the scope has been expanded to other Proximity connectivity technologies: QR codes, Bluetooth, BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy), etc.

In yesterday’s pre-conference sessions, NFC, QR codes and Bluetooth overviews were presented by Gonda Lamberink, Stephanie True Moss and Dimtri Galeridis. Technology Marketing strategy and use cases were presented by Thomas Hissam and Serafin Arroyo. Panel discussions at the end of the day was very engaging and the audience participated actively. Marc Greenbaum, Verizon, shared telecom’s position on educating consumers and mobile payment (ISIS).

We also discussed what is the right technology for the right market. Consumers don’t care about which technology is used. The user experience is the most important. How we deploy the technologies that will serve the consumers is key. How we collect and leverage the data collected by these technologies is important to develop brand through personalization.

We are looking forward to today’s sessions and learning.

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  1. Hello Hsuan Hua, Actually Blackberry Z10 and Q10 are also SWP NFC USIM card enabled too from ISIS, as are All Nokia with Windows 8.0 OS Smartphones, basically the key is the NFC software stack. The NFC software stack from Google was actually purchased from a combination of Trusted Logic and NXP, they jointly sold the NFC stack to Google because Google wanted to make it easy for all the Chinese OEM handset manufactuers to design NFC applications. As a Gemalto employee representing Trusted Logic I sold their NFC stack directly to HTC Taiwan HQ before it became open source in 2010. Broadcom has since also sold to Google another NFC software stack for their Broadcom NFC combi chip. Nokia and Microsoft designed their own NFC software stacks.

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