NFC Innovation Day 6-26-2018

Editorial Note; This blog was published on LinkedIn in July 8th 2018.

June 26th, 2018 marked the kick-off of NFC Innovation Day in London. This competitive event put a spotlight on new and novel applications of NFC technology from projects all around the world. As one of a few tech authors in the US who writes about NFC, I was both honored and excited to be invited to participate as an innovation award judge.

Unlike the US, UK is a place where NFC technology is embraced. (For a brush up on what NFC is and how it works read my previous post linked here). It was tremendously inspiring and energizing seeing the work being done and meeting the brilliant event participants.

This year’s inaugural event was packed with informative speeches and panel discussion. Towards the end of the event, three winners were announced for the innovation award presented by NFC forum:

Best In-Market Implementation: 1trueid (Italy)

1trueid is the first secure digital enabler distributed in a social blockchain platform. Linking customers, products and manufacturers, it provides anti-counterfeiting and traceable solution with a secure digital identity in every object. An encrypted Product Digital Identity (PDI) is embedded into each object and is used to authenticate the object. See more details at

Best Emerging Concept: IoTize SAS (France) 

IoTize SAS was created in 2017. It’s an NFC solution for equipment’s’ connectivity, support maintenance in the industrial environment. In March 2018, IoTize SASbecomes ST Partner Program member and introduces first module with ST25-DV Dynamic Type-5 Tag.

NFC for Good Award: eWaterPay (UK)

eWaterpay designs and manufactures an IoT (Internet of Things) NFC pre-payment water meter tap system for fitting existing supply standpipes. To ensure the water supply is self-financing and sustainable, an NFC type 2 tag is used to keep track of pre-paid credit. The Components are as follows: eWaterpay tap/water meter – NFC read/writer, eWaterpay smart phone App – read/writer, custom NFC type2 tag, and GSM IoT module (AWS/MQTT enabled). See more details at

These products give a glimpse of the many advancements NFC technology has been undergoing along with other developments moving forward in the Android world; including P2P mobile payments.

When can we anticipate such exciting applications here in the US? Expect some interesting innovations to emerge when Apple enables write mode and peer-to-peer mode in the iPhone. This will be the catalyst to moving the ecosystem forward in the US market.  (For more info on why adoption has been slow in the US read my article here.) Until the US catches up with the rest of the NFC ecosystem, stay inspired by digging into the interesting projects above a more happening around the world.